Growth hormones

Preparations – growth hormones are recombinant analogs of the natural hormone produced by the frontal part of the human pituitary gland. They got their name due to their ability to positively influence all systems of the body: they are responsible for the growth and regeneration of cells, including muscle and bone tissues, and support their normal functioning. Today, drugs are produced by manufacturers of sports pharmacology in many countries, and it should be noted that the demand for them is only increasing every year. More details here:

What are growth hormones and why are they needed: basic properties and method of application

A variety of growth hormones have won the greatest popularity among bodybuilders who want to burn subcutaneous fat as much as possible, make their body sculpted by taking a course for gaining muscle mass solo or in combination with other drugs. These drugs are universal, since, in addition to muscle growth, they can have a positive effect on the human body in various forms:

  • accelerate the process of tissue regeneration , due to which hormones are used in the treatment of severe burns and injuries;
  • slow down the destruction of muscle fibers (catabolism);
  • have a significant anti-aging effect ;
  • improve immunity;
  • ensure quick recovery after exercise;
  • strengthen the skeletal system, ligaments and joints.

In the training of male athletes, bodybuilders, such hormone courses are simply irreplaceable. They help to quickly gain dry muscle mass, strengthen ligaments, tendons, and significantly reduce injuries. In addition, there is a noticeable increase in strength and endurance indicators, which means that training can be more intense and longer.

Before making injections, taking injections of growth hormone to build muscle in men, you must familiarize yourself with the method of application and strictly observe the dosage indicated by the manufacturer. The dose may differ depending on the desired result and, in fact, the drug used. During the drying of the body and the set of muscles, athletes use different schemes, but in most cases the basic one is used, in which the first month is administered one injection every day at a dosage of 2 IU, after which the dose is increased to 2.5 IU, and from the sixth week the hormone is injected with two injections per day, with an increasing dosage of 3 IU to 10 IU per day.

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The amount of Somatropin in adulthood appears in waves. The peak of production is in the evening, and the minimum that is observed in the human body is during the day. Also, a lot is produced during physical activity. GH deficiency manifests itself in obesity, early atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, and increased fat concentration. Source site:

The sale of growth hormone is carried out for athletes and bodybuilders. The reason for its popularity in this area is the ability to burn body fat in a short time, while increasing muscle mass. Another beneficial effect is a decrease in the number of injuries, as it accelerates healing and recovery after impact, tissue damage. GH is the opposite of insulin. Therefore, its excess can cause unpleasant consequences, which is why it is advised to take the drug carefully under the supervision of a trainer or nutritionist. In combination with the acceptance of the presented remedy, it is recommended to adhere to an appropriate diet, which excludes the use of certain foods. You can order growth hormone online on the pages of the store by filling out an application or calling the indicated numbers.

Growth Hormone is a drug that is responsible for shaping the composition and structure of the body. This is explained by the effect on protein metabolism. In addition, it has a lipotimic effect, i.e. reduces the amount of body fat, which affects the structure and shape of the body.

Growth Hormone is a peptide agent. The mechanism of action of the presented drug differs from the steroid one. It does not penetrate the cell, but attaches itself to its surface in the cell membrane and initiates biochemical reactions. For this reason, peptides act quickly, acting on the body for a short period of time.

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