How to Decorate Windows Before The Holidays

With the holidays around the corner and the happiness of spending time with our family, home decorations are also a huge part of holidays. We all get so confused about how to decorate our houses. We have so many options and it is so difficult to choose from them. Especially finding the correct holiday decor for your house and decorations for windows can be very challenging. A great option for home decoration for the holidays can be window hangings. These are generally various types of hanging decorations that enhance the look of your house and can be removed and kept after the holiday for the next year. One of the most incredible-looking holiday decorations is the stained glass hanging decorations for your windows. Here is an article that will help you choose the best holiday decorations for your windows.

Window Decorations You Can Try

Here are a few window decorations for you to decorate your house before the holiday season.

  • Stained Glass Suncatchers: Suncatchers generally look very beautiful on windows and can be a great idea as it requires only one for each window. When choosing suncatchers make sure to choose rainbow-colored suncatchers to give a more colorful look to your window. Also do not put more than one in one window as they are slightly big. 
  • Flower Window Hangings: The stained glass flower window hangings can be a great idea as flowers look very beautiful. You can choose stained glass flower decoration of various colors and also one color. They both look incredible and can help in lifting the look of the window for holidays.
  • Plant Hanging Decorations: Hanging plant as window decorations are another great idea. It looks beautiful and elevated the look of the house with the greenery. However, when choosing to hang plants for holiday make sure to choose small plants that will be lightweight and will look good. Few such plants can be Boston Fern or the Arrowhead Plant.
  • Alcohol Ink Stained Glass Window Hangings: The alcohol ink stained glass window hanging looks very nice on windows and is unique as well. These are generally round glass stained with alcohol ink. These are incredible to look at and also have different shades of that same color in one glass. This can be a very unique decor for your holidays as they always have different designs and all of them look so natural. Think of choosing one color-based handing for this to create a more defined look for the holidays.

Final Words

Indeed, stained glass can sometimes give the feeling of old churches but they look very beautiful as window hangings for the holidays. Most importantly when you choose stained glass hanging decorations for your home windows make sure to choose the very colorful ones that will elevate the look of your house and will look great from the window as well. 

Also choosing to hang plants for a greener look for the holidays can be a great idea as hanging plants look very beautiful and can brighten the entire space with its greenery. Do not forget to be creative when decorating your home for the holidays.