How to train marksmanship on training maps in CS:GO

The best teacher in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is experience and practice. No theory can replace hundreds of matches and hours spent in the game. However, battles with live opponents are far from the most effective method of training, when you need to sharpen a particular skill separately, for example, precise shooting. Special training maps from Steam’s “Workshop” will come to help. You can also use this site to make the game more attractive.

Recoil Master

Recoil Master training map from the user under the nickname MR. ULLETICAL must be in the mandatory set of each beginner in CS:GO. In a quiet environment, you can study the recoil and spread of bullets when shooting with any kind of weapon. On Recoil Master you can learn one of the most important skills – the ability to quench the recoil. Of course, no one has canceled the shooting with single shots and short bursts, but often in the game there are situations when it is not enough. Let’s say, if there are several opponents at once, and there is nothing left, except a clamped couch.

The essence of the training is simple – choose your favorite “trunk” from those hanging on the left wall, stand in a circle in the middle of the room and open fire at the target. The position of the green “ghost sight” will begin to change, so the player’s task is to follow the crosshairs without releasing the trigger. The more precise you repeat the movements, the more bullets will come into the bull’s eye. For the main types of automatic weapons, there is also a hint on the top where you can see the exact spread pattern.

Aim Botz

Contrary to the name, this is not a cheater plugin (dishonest players) at all. Aim Botz is another great training map created by MR. ULLETICAL. The principle of operation is similar to Recoil Master, and the difference is that instead of a static target around the player running bots (soldiers controlled by artificial intelligence).

The behavior and speed of computer dummies, as well as several other parameters, can be adjusted with the buttons on the panel, and select a weapon with a shot on the desired model. Bots simulate running in a zigzag, a way of moving that often confuses most novices. Be sure to download this map if you want to improve accuracy when shooting at moving targets.

Fast Aim/Reflex Training

This map from cr0coDiL user is similar to Aim Botz in many respects, but the action takes place at shorter distances. Bots also appear from all sides and run towards the player, but this time it’s literally by hand. Setting the parameters and choice of weapons here is carried out in the same way as on previous maps – a shot at the desired icon. Experiment!


Training_aim_csgo2 may seem more primitive than others, but that doesn’t make it any less useful. In fact, the player finds himself in an ordinary shooting gallery. On the “board” (a map is very similar to an audience in general) a target appears periodically, and the player’s task is to hit it before it disappears. The size, color, speed of the target as well as the weapon in hand and other parameters are adjusted. It only remains to select one of the four distances and click Start!

With the help of such simple trainings you can relatively quickly learn to shoot like a sniper and start playing with any kind of weapon. In addition, the “Workshop” CS:GO many other useful maps to help sharpen a particular skill. On the site CSGO NET you will have the opportunity to discover many other interesting features that are convenient to use during the game.