Types of screws for wood

The screws in the household are used constantly, and it doesn’t even matter if you have a private house or a city apartment. There are a lot of types and sizes, so you need to know for what types of work these or those are better suited. In this article, we will tell you about deck screws for pressure treated wood, their sizes, and also what types of work are intended for.

Black oxidized

Coarse thread – to make it easier to twist into wood. Have you decided to sheathe a wooden house with drywall? No problem, this requires wooden blocks and the usual black wood for large steps. Screw any piece of wood with a tree – also use them, since the size range is large. The hat is secret, therefore it is so easily recessed in wood and drywall sheets. Thickness increases with length, the longer the screw – the thicker it is.


Do not rust, as they are covered with a protective coating (yellow or white). They are positioned as decorative, because they have a huge size range, starting from very small lengths. Connector for PZ format bits (additional faces that PH does not have). Since there are very small sizes, then the bits for them are PZ1, PZ2, PZ3. Very often they have a thread along the entire length, for some it is important. They are sold both in small packages and in large ones. An excellent solution for dowels, since the thread along the entire length contributes to a more tight fixation of the screw in the dowel.

How to choose screws

Although the screws may seem to be the smallest part of the project, they actually play a big role. Inexpensive screws require preliminary drilling, as they are not sharp enough or strong enough to make holes in the wood yourself. In addition, they may be damaged during the drilling process. This can increase the amount that was originally designed for the project and the acquisition of materials, as well as the time required to complete the project. Compare some of the best screw features to find the best brand and type to complete any project.

Cutting pockets at the ends make it easier for the screw to make its way, they allow you to dig into the tree with high precision, preventing splitting of the tree, and also help to make a clean hole. Each screw is made of specially hardened steel to provide high torque and strength. Such screws crashes into wood quickly and does not require prior drilling. In addition, the unique shape of the threaded holes helps to adjust the screw size to the hole and makes a cleaner fit.

A washer is mounted on the screw head to hold it securely in place. In addition, there is a star-shaped disk on the screw head that offers six contact points for easy twisting. Each screw has a unique coating that protects the screw and makes it suitable for use with treated wood.

Spax screws invariably receive high marks from professionals and all-rounders. Each screw undergoes a heat treatment process to achieve grade 5 strength, which means that they are rigid enough to provide fasteners for a wide variety of materials. The thread pattern easily drives the screw into the wood without the need to pre-drill holes.

This makes working with them very easy and enjoyable, and also reduces the amount of time needed to complete the project. In addition, it reduces torque to make it lighter, as when using power tools used for drive screws. SPAX construction screws, which also have patented 4CUT technology to prevent wood splitting.

McFly screws are a less expensive alternative to premium wood screws with a square drive on a screw cap. Despite the lower price, they are in quality not much inferior to expensive relatives and are at the top stage in terms of characteristics.